Welcome! My name is Mea

I like drawing digitaly and traditionaly. I do fanart and original stuff. I am currently working on a webcomic with a friend. Sneak peaks and such might come in a different blog in the near future <3






It's time to give our OC's some love again!! It's been a while since I drew a proper illustration of one of our main characters. Ramil has been craving for some attention for a while now.

(Character belongs to me and @nettnix and is part of our work in progress webcomic)

Raffle Prize

I had a spontaneous art raffle on twitter and @benzerz won a colored sketch of their OC

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(OC) Penelope

I should color my sketches more often


I've been on a hiatus for a while because of wrist problems. I'm back now. Take this

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sidh -

New goth gf OC

Makeup I'd totally do on myself if I wasn't entirely too lazy :v

Juliet Bennet - Commission

I got commissioned by @DehDweeb over on twitter

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my piece for a tarot zine! an interpretation of strength… the digital zine is free and you can find where to download it here!

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"Square up!"

Artfight attack of Olivia, who belongs to artist Fiship


Hey there! I'll be joining artfight for the first time this years. These are the OC's I preapared


In a world that been rotting for decades, a new friendship was born

Blake - Commission

A commission I did for @sidh