Welcome! My name is Mea

I like drawing digitaly and traditionaly. I do fanart and original stuff. I am currently working on a webcomic with a friend. Sneak peaks and such might come in a different blog in the near future <3

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Commission - Mo Ran & Chu Wanning

Commission for a friend!
A genderbend, modern AU drawing based on her fanfiction of the chinese fantasy drama Immortality

Please check out her fanficions in this link
The fanfiction the commission was based on is called "At the end of the line"

How it started How it's going

2012 VS 2020

The first digital art I drew with my first tablet. Good times

Art trade - Victor

@ritrox and I traded some art! This is her OC Victor


The main character of our webcomic. She deserves some love too

(Character belongs to me and @nettnix and is part of our work in progress webcomic)


It's time to give our OC's some love again!! It's been a while since I drew a proper illustration of one of our main characters. Ramil has been craving for some attention for a while now.

(Character belongs to me and @nettnix and is part of our work in progress webcomic)

"Capitain" Blue

So.....I played Among Us for the first time and now he exsists.

This poor idiot, put the suit an hat on just for fun. But then the space ship launched with him still in it and everyone thinks he is the actual capitain. He pretends to know what he is doing but he has no idea. He is too embarrassed to say the truth.

Dies first. Even as impostor

Raffle Prize

I had a spontaneous art raffle on twitter and @benzerz won a colored sketch of their OC


I've been on a hiatus for a while because of wrist problems. I'm back now. Take this

Juliet Bennet - Commission

I got commissioned by @DehDweeb over on twitter