Welcome! My name is Mea

I like drawing digitaly and traditionaly. I do fanart and original stuff. I am currently working on a webcomic with a friend. Sneak peaks and such might come in a different blog in the near future <3

Posts tagged digital art:

How it started How it's going

2012 VS 2020

The first digital art I drew with my first tablet. Good times


I've been on a hiatus for a while because of wrist problems. I'm back now. Take this

Juliet Bennet - Commission

I got commissioned by @DehDweeb over on twitter


In a world that been rotting for decades, a new friendship was born

Blake - Commission

A commission I did for @sidh


A commission I did for @Chairae2 over on twitter


From the anime Dorohedoro.

Love that series, love his design

Jolyne Cujoh

I miss JJBA Friday. I hope there will be a Stone Ocean anime at some point.

Sylph - Art raffle prize

I reached 200 followers on twitter and celebrated with an art raffle.

The winner was @suicide_sylph

This is their OC